Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas Living rooms aren’t the easiest things to remodel, especially if they are a little smaller than most.  However, smaller rooms can turn into comfortable reading rooms, or with careful space planning, they can be nice TV rooms or game rooms for the kids.

We have a few different pictures to give you for smaller living room designs. The first one has more of a retro look with the red chairs – but because the chairs are smaller, the space doesn’t feel confined and is a comfortable get-away or party area for a few people.
Adding a smaller fireplace and hardwood floors actually makes the room feel grand – especially with the large bright outside facing windows painted in a clean white trim.  The red and white carpet ties everything in nicely, as does the artwork, lamp and small white table on the right.
Our second picture is a little more modern with the black and white striped design. It has zebra rug and matching chair. The placement of the black couch and white table really Living Room Design Ideasmakes it feel clean, and not too busy.

It’s important to keep in mind that if you want a place to relax, you can tone it down a bit. But if you want to show off your style a little, use artwork and coffee tables that are different than everyone else has.  This is also a smaller room, but it should give you a little more to think about for your living room design ideas.


Room Design IdeasThe next picture is actually a bedroom but from our view, looks like a wonderful place to sit down with a good book and just relax by the window.  Additions of chairs, rugs and small storage dressers with space on top to show things off just make a person feel more comfortable. After a minute, you won’t even remember you are in the bedroom as the peaceful feeling of the room takes over and you just simply – relax!